Catering – Parties

Children’s party at the Kifisia store

Our little friends are going to Mexico!

Ancho of Kifissia (1st floor) is a creative activity space for children, with excellent aesthetics and Mexican street food that young and old will love.

The specially designed area for children is made of natural materials, such as wood, while there is also an atrium spot, so that natural light enters. There are oversized foam blocks, perfect for building and deconstructing play, a large wooden structure with slide, ball pool and a dedicated climbing wall for the more adventurous!

At the same time, parents can enjoy the great food, along with… their margaritas and if they want they can make their burritos, with whatever ingredients they prefer.

  • The playground is aimed at ages 4 to 7
  • The room is private and the party can last 4 hours
  • These 4 hours are at your choice, from 12.30 when the store opens until 21.00
  • The number of guests can range from 25 to 65 people to be able to make a reservation
  • The menu is priced per person (alcoholic drinks for parents are extra).

The prices include the staff of Ancho, who will take care of everyone’s service, as well as the cost of using the room. The store can also recommend employment partners or experts for additional decoration of the space, while giving you the additional freedom to bring an external partner of your own preference.

* The space is only open for private events by appointment.
* Contact us for the organization of catering & children’s parties [email protected]

Catering services
at your place
with taco bar,
margarita bar etc.

At Ancho, we make moments unforgettable, even when it comes to large gatherings! If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your next party, friendly get-together, or business meeting that will impress, Ancho is here for you. We can create a personalized menu that satisfies your tastes and needs, and you can pick up your order directly from the store to enjoy our fresh Mexican cuisine wherever you are.

For self-catering orders, contact us at [email protected]