About us

We are a chain of Mexican urban, street food spots in the heart of Athens and we specialize in Tex-Mex cuisine! Our specialty?

We rely on the “Do it Yourself” concept, where you can “play” along and create your own tasty Mexican experience by choosing the base, the filling, the toppings and the sides you prefer.


The story of Ancho begins in 2013, with the opening of the first restaurant in Chalandri and continues with three more stores in the suburbs of Athens in Kifissia, Glyfada and The Mall Athens. This is followed by the busy store in the heart of Athens in Agia Irini Square as well as the most recent one at El Airport. Venizelos.


Mexico is the birthplace of some of the most widely used ingredients: avocado, squash, tomatoes, beans, corn, and chili.

Mexico’s cultural blend has created a rich gastronomic variety that stands out in each of its regions, not only because of its ingredients but also due to its cultural identity. As lovers of Mexican cuisine, Yiannis Delmouzos and Meletis Krikos decided to bring the “fast,” yet delicious and high-quality Mexican food they discovered and loved during their student years in America and England to the Athenian capital. Thus, Ancho was born in Greece and is now located in the busiest neighborhoods of Athens.


All our products are prepared daily in Ancho’s kitchens by our experienced chefs, as we do not use freezers or microwave ovens. Instead, we source raw materials on a daily basis to ensure the quality and freshness of our products. We import only the absolutely necessary ingredients to correctly maintain and produce our Mexican flavors

Our guacamole is made from Hass avocados and is refreshed every two to three hours daily. Our nachos are hand-cut and freshly fried, the cheese we use is Monterey Jack, and our salsas are made with authentic Mexican peppers.

All of this demonstrates that beyond our dedication to offering high-quality products, we genuinely love Mexican food.


At Ancho we give great value and respect not only to our guests but also to the environment. We are constantly working to reduce our energy footprint by acting sustainably at any level possible.

We use biodegradable single-use cane containers in our stores, while all non-biodegradable containers and bottles are disposed of in recycling bins.

All our equipment and light systems are as energy efficient as possible and all our employees are thoroughly trained in sustainable practices.

All unused food at the end of the day is packaged and offered the next day to families and organizations that really need it.